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One the most rewarding parts of our profession is helping set dentists on a course to success. We have helped hundreds of buyers find their future practice and we would love to help you. Whether you purchase your practice from us or through other avenues, we are excited to support you through your transition



Do practice lenders offer 100% financing?

Yes. We work with several of the most reputable dental practice lending institutions in the country that offer 100% financing.

How long does the transition process take to complete correctly?

Typically 30-60 days from the day you and the seller execute a Letter of Intent.

Do you recommend that I use an accountant or attorney to assist during the transition?

We always recommend that you have legal and accounting representation throughout your transition. We have professional relationships with dental specific attorneys and accountants that come highly recommended by our past clients. We are happy to pass along their information to you.

I graduate from dental school next year. Can I purchase a practice right after graduation?

We recommend that you have 2 years’ experience practicing dentistry in the real world, where not only your quality but time management matters.

Most lending institutions also require that you have at least two years’ experience. However, some will lend to a dentist with one year experience.

Should I purchase a practice with high revenue or a smaller practice and grow it?

Lending institutions are taking a closer look at your personal expenditures. We require that you are pre-approved through a practice lender so you understand the minimum take home you need to live the life you desire. If buying a practice with less initial gross revenues works for you, then growing a practice can be extremely rewarding. Both in the sense of accomplishment and financial gain.


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