Are you ready for life’s next adventure?

Tyler and Jerry can help you comfortably enjoy the next phase of your life. Our experience will secure the maximum fair value for your practice while minimizing the risks, costs, and the time invested dealing with the transition process. With our deep pool of qualified buyers, we will work together to find the best dentist to carry on your legacy. 


best price


timely sale

trusted representation




No appraisal fee or upfront costs



How early should I start planning my transition?

The earlier the better. 90% of the dentists we consult with are ready to sell their practice immediately. While this often works quite well, we prefer if our initial consultation is 2-5 years in advance of your desired transition date. This will allow us to look at your current overhead and assign a value to your practice. We can then recommend ways that you can improve your practice for the future sale, especially if the value is less than you hoped. We will then monitor your progress over the next 2-5 years by performing yearly valuations, at no cost to you.

How will my practice be valued?

There are three approaches to valuing dental practices. The Income Approach, Asset Based Approach, and Market Based Approach. While all three are employed, the Income Approach is the most widely used method in our market.

How can I make my practice more valuable?

The “Million Dollar” question! The answer to your question could be updating technology or updating the décor to give your practice more visual appeal to buyers. For most dentists, the answer is controlling your overhead. There are dangerous pitfalls when trying to do this and that is why we are here to assist you. Once again, at no cost to you.

How long will it take to sell my practice?

Colorado is currently a sellers’ market. Depending on your practices cashflow we typically have practices along the front range under contract with 3-6 months, often sooner. Rural practices can take longer.

Why Weston Dental Transitions?

Reputation and experience. We invite you to meet us personally, so you can get an understanding of who we are and how we conduct business. We will provide you with testimonials from our most recent transitions. Many of our clients are so pleased with our service that they invite you to call them personally.

We have no upfront cost or hidden fees. We earn our commission and get paid at closing, our percentage comes from the gross sales price.

Do you recommend that I use an attorney or accountant during the transition?

We always recommend that you have Legal and accounting representation throughout your transition. We have professional relationships with dental specific attorneys and accountants that come highly recommended by our past clients. We are happy to pass along their information to you.

Is the transition process kept confidential?

Keeping your practice sale confidential is vital in maintaining the Goodwill in your practice. This is at the forefront of our business philosophy and we make sure that every interested party signs a non-disclosure agreement.

Strategy and Results

Our systematic process and large pre-qualified buyer list assures the optimum client services. We use professional evaluation to assure best price, expert marketing strategy to assure timely sale, proper documentation for best representation, unique rates to assure lowest selling cost, and guarentee no appraisal fee or upfront costs.

Appraisals & Valuation

We have completed over 2,000 practice appraisals using the widely recognized capitalization approach which measures the income flow of a given dental practice. Appraisals have been done regarding financing, divorce proceedings, and associate buy-ins and partnerships.

Practice Acquisition Financing

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with lenders that specialize in start-ups refinancing and hundred percent practice aquisition loans. Based on the practices purchased, our sources will not only loan the entire purchase price and working capital, but also work with a 20 year term of repayment.


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