OUR Process


The Recipe


Initial Consultation

We will get to know you and your practice personally. Tyler and Jerry will sit with you and learn the innerworkings of your practice and get to know you on a personal level. Together, we will review your financial information, making sure that you fully understand how your practice will be valued. We will then give you options on the best transition process for you. 



Weston Dental Transitions has valued more than 1,000 dental practices in Colorado and our experience and expertise guarantees that we will arrive at a fair market value. 

The RIGHT Qualified Buyer

Colorado is a seller’s market and has been for the past thirty years. We are continuously contacted by qualified buyers and are fortunate to work with the best candidates from that pool. Tyler and Jerry will select a few top candidates for your practice based on your personalities and dental philosophy.


Offer and Due Diligence

We assist you in the negotiation on price and terms. Tyler and Jerry act as a conduit of information that will allow the buyer to make a fully informed decision. We are present at the chart audit and will assist in guiding you through the due diligence process. 

Financing and Contract

We work very closely with the practice lending institutions to make sure that they receive all requests in a timely manner. We have daily conversations, answering questions and explaining the inner workings of your practice. We draft an Asset Purchase Agreement and work with both the buyer’s and seller’s attorney to assure that the transition continues to move forward smoothly. This will allow you to focus on your patients. 

Transition and Closing

As we move towards closing, Tyler and Jerry will provide you with detailed information and assist in making sure that the financing, contracts, and transition components dovetail perfectly. At closing, we finalize the transaction by signing the Asset Purchase Agreement and all related documents. 


Many of our Buyers and Sellers become friends and we have assisted them in buying or selling additional practices throughout their career. We remain available to you for post-transition questions and assistance.